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professional makeup lessons


Navigating our way around online makeup tutorials is a very confusing and mind boggling territory to traverse alone. There are literally thousands of product choices, different brushes and techniques for creating amazing contouring, face shaping, lip plumping and the list goes on.

But how do you know what products to use and how to apply them specifically for you ? 

That’s where a one on one makeup class with Gypsy can turn the mystery of the art of makeup into a fun, quick and simple routine that you can master. With  just a few easy to use products and easy to follow techniques you can go home with a new sense of confidence and learn to enjoy applying your own makeup at home. 

One on one makeup classes are fun and informative and are completely designed around your specific requirements. If you feel like learning with friends makeup classes can be arranged for small groups and are a lovely idea for hens groups and birthdays. Mother and daughter makeup classes are especially popular for teens wanting to start exploring with makeup and for mums who never learned how to do their own.

Personalised makeup classes are ideal for anyone wanting to learn techniques directly tailored to their lifestyle...


Makeup Lesson Rates

A typical lessons includes;
Discussion on skin care, hydration & diet
Tools & brushes for your kit
The best type of makeup for your skin type
Basic Makeup techniques

One hour session - $150
One & half hour session - $180
Two hour session - $210

*Additional vegan, organic makeup and brush kits can be provided.

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