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To do or not to do … Elopement or Micro Weddings?

My answer is Hells Yeah!!

 There is something so special about the connection you can build with a bride when it is just you and her. I love to get to the location, usually some awesome house in the Byron Hinterland, pop the music on and spend three amazing hours getting her ready for her magical day. We can both just enjoy getting in the Zone .I feel really privileged that to share that time and space with her.

Byron Bay boasts an array of exceptional vendors who specialize in catering to intimate weddings, delivering an exquisite and heartfelt experience. Thinking of Eloping look no further than Byron’s stunning Hinterland with outstanding views of rolling hills down to ocean.

Venue @barefootatbroken

Celebrant @modern_love_celebrant

Florist @havenbotanical

Makeup and Hair @byronbaymakeupco

Photographer @katrollings_weddings

Private in-house chef @a.chefs.pocket

Company @weekday_wedded_bliss

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