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It’s all about balance

I love to cook .

As a full time working makeup artist, no two weeks look the same. The struggle for work life balance is real and sticking to a healthy routine can be challenging .

Most mornings in wedding season I’m up by 4am and on the road by 6am . I get time for a pit stop at the best coffee spot in town Paseyo, owned by my legendary friend Andrew Duval . He’s up at 5am armed with healthy breakfast options for all of us who have to hit the road early.

I grab my chai and a smoothie and I’m off to glam up my beautiful clients.

Any makeup artist can tell you there’s no time to snack on the job. If it’s a wedding, it’s a strict schedule. If it’s a photoshoot, you can’t run late and miss the magic early morning light or the photographer will never employ you again. Either way everyone is relying on you to be on time and work like a demon.

As a 51 year old woman I need to stay on top of my health and energy levels. Makeup artists can’t cancel jobs unless they are basically dying in bed. We are in close proximity to our clients for up to an hour per face so our immune systems have to strong.

Usually after a big day I just want to crawl into bed and not talk to anyone until morning, but with a 13 year old son who needs a good dinner and my attention, I need to stay present.

Our evenings normally start with the boys gather wood to light the fire. I grab all our dinner ingredients and prep the food outside. Then we cosy up by the fire, cook food and eat dinner under the stars. We all get to download about our day.

It’s amazing to me the insightful conversations that take place by a fire. This is our remedy for good health, family bonding and amazing deep sleep.

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