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What's the best Beauty Tip straight from a Professional Makeup Artist in Byron Bay

Todays weekly shopping from the Mullumbimby Farmers Market

For me the answer is simple!

All that we need is in nature.

Eating nutritious, locally grown foods and using clean natural beauty products are essential to an external healthy glow.

Farmers markets here in the Northern Rivers of NSW are the absolute best place for seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can chat with the growers directly and support local community farms here at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market. You can eat food that has literally been picked the day before avoiding supermarkets were the food that been in cool rooms that leach the vital nutrients from the plants. Couple this with home cooking and avoiding processed pre-packaged foods then you are already half way there to healthy glowing skin . It’s a win, win, it’s good for the planet, local business and your health.

As far as my external beauty regime I love to stick to natural and organic products only.

We are fortunate to have an incredible array of naturally sourced products in our own country, many of them incorporating amazing native plant botanicals. If you take care of your internal health, exercise regularly, nourish your skin with natural oils and serums any make up product you use will glide on effortlessly. You will find just a little will go a long way to enhancing your natural beauty.

Finally beauty with longevity really does come from within so don’t forget some internal soul cleansing and add in some time to meditate 🧘‍

It’s a game changer!

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